xPDO takes care of the CRUD so you don't have to

An ultra-light Active Record persistence library
built directly on PDO

Why xPDO ?

Platform-Optimized Active Record

Active Record is a popular persistence pattern with O/R mapping tools. xPDO implements this pattern and takes it further by providing facilities to optimize per platform—capabilities associated with more complex DataMapper persistence libraries.

The Performance of a Microframework

xPDO was built many years ago as an ultra-lightweight alternative to Propel. This architectural mindset continues to drive development of xPDO and makes it ideally suited for use with microframeworks such as Slim.

All the Benefits of Open Source Software

xPDO is Open Source software and you can use xPDO to develop Open Source or commercial software with, knowing that your investment is not locked into the successes and failures of a commercial software vendor.

Powering MODX Revolution since 2007

xPDO has served as the foundation for the MODX Revolution Content Management System since its inception. Developed in 2007, the power and stability of the library has been proven in production time and time again.

This time, deadline be damned, I cranked up xPDO on my data model and got to work.
The deadline was this morning, and I delivered on time! (That in itself is a little unusual for me, let alone forcing a paradigm shift on my coding.)

—Mike Schell
MODX Cloud Lead @ MODX, LLC

xPDO is fully-featured, easy-to-use, and like everything Jason does, well thought out. It exposes and normalizes database interactions for those who would otherwise struggle with them. Personally, I'd be lost without it.

—YJ Tso
Client Whisperer @ MODX, LLC

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